【LeetCode】000. 解題目錄


是說才剛開始刷題,才 72 / 953 而已,長路漫漫阿…

NO. 題目 難度 備註
771. Jewels and Stones E
595. Big Countries E
322. Coin Change M
300. Longest Increasing Subsequence M
227. Basic Calculator II M
226. Invert Binary Tree E
224. Basic Calculator H
208. Implement Trie (Prefix Tree) M
189. Rotate Array E
176. Second Highest Salary E Database
175. Combine Two Tables E Database
140. Word Break II H
139. Word Break M
128. Longest Consecutive Sequence H
125. Valid Palindrome E
114. Flatten Binary Tree to Linked List M
102. Binary Tree Level Order Traversal M
101. Symmetric Tree E
098. Validate Binary Search Tree M
088. Merge Sorted Array E
084. Largest Rectangle in Histogram H
077. Combinations M
076. Minimum Window Substring H
071. Simplify Path M
071. Climbing Stairs E
069. Sqrt(x) E
067. Add Binary E
066. Plus One E
065. Valid Number H
058. Length of Last Word E
057. Insert Interval H
056. Merge Intervals M
055. Jump Game M
053. Maximum Subarray E
050. Pow(x, n) M
049. Group Anagrams M
048. Rotate Image M
047. Permutations II M
046. Permutations M
044. Wildcard Matching H
043. Multiply Strings M
041. First Missing Positive H
040. Combination Sum II M
039. Combination Sum M
038. Count and Say E
036. Valid Sudoku M
035. Search Insert Position E
034. Find First and Last Position of Element in Sorted Array M
033. Search in Rotated Sorted Array M
032. Longest Valid Parentheses H
031. Next Permutation M
029. Divide Two Integers M
028. Implement strStr() E
027. Remove Element E
026. Remove Duplicates from Sorted Array E
025. Reverse Nodes in k-Group H
024. Swap Nodes in Pairs M
023. Merge k Sorted Lists H
022. Generate Parentheses M
0021. Merge Two Sorted Lists E
0020. Valid Parentheses E
0019. Remove Nth Node From End of List M
0018*. 4Sum M
0017. Letter Combinations of a Phone Number M
0016. 3Sum Closest M
0015. 3Sum M
0014. Longest Common Prefix E
0013. Roman to Integer E
0012. Integer to Roman M
0011. Container With Most Water M
0010. Regular Expression Matching H
0009. Palindrome Number E
0008. String to Integer (atoi) M
0007. Reverse Integer E
0006. ZigZag Conversion M
0005. Longest Palindromic Substring M
0004. Median of Two Sorted Arrays H
0003. Longest Substring Without Repeating Characters M
0002. Add Two Numbers M
0001. Two Sum E




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